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Fees & Subsidies


  • All school fees are to be paid by the 5th of every month.
  • May and June school fees will be collected in the month of May.
  • November and December school fees will be collected in the month of November.
Modes of Payment:
  • Parents are encouraged to pay school fees via GIRO.
  • Payment via cash should be made at the General Office during office hours.
  • All crossed cheques are to be made out to Eden School. Indicate your child’s name and class on the back of the cheque.
School fees are currently fixed at S$350 per month for Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents. The fees are subject to revision depending on the financial requirements of operations.

Families with per capita* monthly net household income of $800/- and below may apply for school fees subsidy. Net household income refers to gross salary less employee CPF contributions.

*Per capita income denotes income per family member. Hence, a family of 4 with a monthly total income of $2,800 has a per capita income of ($2,800 divided by 4 members) $700/-

Eden School is supported by the following organisations and other donors: