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parent updates

Parent's Role

Our Shared Role

Students with autism can be difficult to teach. Our teachers are required to learn a wide variety of skills over and above their basic training as teachers. We ask a lot of our teachers.

We understand that for an education programme to be successful there needs to be shared responsibility between the family and school. Together we can make a positive, transformational difference to the lives of each one of our students with autism.

The Needs of Families

We are committed to developing a positive relationship with parents as we share responsibly for the teaching the individual education plan (IEP) .

Our Eden teaching team strive to provide families with
  • An accurate picture of their child’s abilities, challenges and learning style and preferences

  • Feedback on teaching approaches and methods that have been successful

  • Encouragement to think about long-term goals for their child, and to begin the process of long-term planning early in each child’s life


Working Together

To formalize the collaboration process between families and our education team, we have developed: Parent Performance Agreement

This is an agreement for parents to pledge your support to the School’s efforts to provide a fruitful learning journey for your child.

Expectations covered in the agreement Include:
  • Ensure that your child abides with school rules

  • Follow-up on school reports

  • Check the Communications Handbook daily

  • Attend all compulsory Parents Communication & Training Sessions (PCT)

  • Support completion of Holiday Homework

  • PROMPT payment of school fees

  • Understand that fees applicable to school holidays
    (because staff needs to be paid too)

  • Abide by the Child Withdrawal Policy

  • Reinforce at home key intervention methodologies i.e.: Use of Visual Schedules; Time Management; Life Skills Training; Volume Thermometer etc

Training and Communication Sessions

The Parent Communication and Training sessions are being planned on a termly basis. Please see the Parent Communication & Training Session page for updates.

Eden School is supported by the following organisations and other donors: