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Students with autism have unique & individual learning needs.

No two students with autism have the same learning needs. This is the nature of autism.

The challenge for our Eden team is to provide an education programme that enables our students with autism to access the knowledge and opportunities to achieve their Individual Education Plan (IEP) goals.

Tracks of Learning Need

At Eden School we have developed 4 separate tracks of learning to address the wide range of educational needs of this population of student learners.

The 'tracks' framework is a common reference point for our teachers and autism consultants to plan, implement and evaluate goals for different learning needs.

Matching students to a particular 'Track' of educational learning is undertaken after a period of careful assessment by the Eden professional team.

Emerson Track

"Nothing was ever achieved without enthusiasm"

The focus for students in Emerson Track is developing core skills in the foundation areas of Work Habits, Self-Management and Social, Language & Communication Skills. Students receive individualised instruction to allow for the teaching and practice of IEP goals.

Blake Track

"No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings"

The focus for Blake Track is to develop early pre-vocational skills. Students experience a variety of learning contexts to allow them to develop skills in independence and productivity. Instruction on IEP goals is undertaken in small groups, with a higher social and communication demand.

Columbus Track

"Finder of Eden-like places"

The focus for students in the Columbus track is learning in small classroom groups. In addition to the development of core skills, students in this track are programmed to learn functional academics and apply these skills to the real world.

Jubilee Track

"Celebration after the struggle"

The focus for students in the Jubilee Track is the development of skills necessary for vocational skill placement. Where possible supported and open employment opportunities are pursued.

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