Green Wave 2013

On 22nd May 2013, Eden school once again participated in the Green Wave Project. This year, the students of Sherman and Langley Class took part in the event as part of the Science Club CCA Programme. Belimbing, Mangosteen and Nutmeg were chosen for this special planting event in Eden School.

In preparation for Green Wave, preparatory activates started in early March. Aside from watching videos on how plants grow, the students had their first planting experience in class – planting beansprouts in a plastic container! The beansprouts grew well and were transplanted to pots by the students under the guidance of their teachers.  The last part of the preparatory activities also saw the students in creating and decorating the Green Wave poster.

On Green Wave Day, everyone went down to the School’s garden and did a transplanting activity, not with bean sprouts but with the belimbing, mangosteen and nutmeg plants provided by Nparks! The students dug holes and got their hands dirty, loosening the soil and working it out in the garden of Eden.  After all the digging, the students watered the transplanted trees and got very excited with the watering activity, that they watered all the plants in the School’s garden. Thank you for doing our school gardener a big favour…

The new plants are growing healthily and strong under the tender care of the Science Club students. This brings to mind the Eden School logo, where the potential of students and staff are maximized, just as the trees are growing taller and bigger each day, in the Garden of Eden.  Can’t wait for the trees to bear fruits soon!


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