Eden Sensory Park Ground Breaking Ceremony

On a humid Monday morning where the haze situation has turned for the better in Singapore, all the staff in Eden School were excited to be outdoors, to witness the ground breaking ceremony for Eden’s Sensory Parks.

Mr Yann Marmonier, Mr Winston Chua, Ms Huang Minghui & Ms He Meiding from Catlin Singapore were in Eden, to join us for this significant ceremony. Ms Denise Phua, School Supervisor was also present to partake in this meaningful event.

The Eden Sensory Parks are made possible by the generous donation from Catlin Singapore in the sum of $70,000 and the President’s Challenge for another $200,000. Representatives from the President’s Challenge were not able to attend and sent their apologies.

The simple ceremony started with a thank you "speech" by Ms Denise Phua, followed by a short sharing from Mr Yann Marmonier on Catlin’s involvement with Eden School. The ground breaking team, comprising of Ms Denise Phua, Mr Yann Marmonier, Mrs Patricia Cheng, Mr Winston Chua and Ms He Meiding, then took to the Eden Garden and cast off their spades of soil from the very spot where Sensory Park 1 is to be built, next to the Eden Café. Cheers and applause could be heard from the staff surrounding the team and the momentous moments were caught on film and tape.

After today’s ceremony, the Sensory Park project will continue into its work and its estimated date of completion is right about the September school holiday period.

Everyone is looking forward to the new look in the Garden of Eden and the new facilities whereby our students can enjoy and be engaged in.