A Very Special Walk 2013

For the 8th year running A Very Special Walk took place this year on the 13th July 2013 to raise funds for the Employability & Employment Centre (E2C). The theme this time round was ‘Carnival’, and Pathlight School was decked and festooned with splashes of colour and activity from 8am to 3pm.

Eden School set up a bake shop selling products baked by Eden students. Our bake shop products were so popular that all items were sold out before lunch time. Pastry job coach Joseph Tan, was interviewed on his “ingredients” of making this possible.

  1. How did you decide what to bake for Eden's bakery?
    The focus is on our students and their training. Hence, the pastries chosen were based on skills the students are currently learning, as well as exposing the students to a variety of products using similar baking methods. We made choux puff and churros for sale at AVSW. These pastries were also chosen as they were achievable and the students could produce a large quantity within 2 weeks, to be in time for AVSW.
  2. How were the students involved in this project?
    The students baked everything, from preparation work of weighing, piping to baking and packing. Teachers supervised on the side. On the event day, some students did the selling and promotion of our bake products, while others did live demonstration and cooking at the stall.
  3. What were the students take away from this experience?
    The students had a taste of authentic work pace when they had to produce large quantities of products in a short period of time – meeting tight deadline. They also had to learn to work as a team due to the scale of production, hence honing their group work skills. They had to market their products which acted as a platform too for them to practice their social & communication skills.
    All in all, everyone had fun and enjoyed the whole process and were all exhausted at the end of the AVSW carnival.

Other than the bake shop, students from Lewis Class performed a song & skit item titled ‘Saving Gaia’. They were spreading a conservation message to care for our earth in this performance. We interviewed the students and here’s what they have to share about their experience:

    1. What did you do at AVSW?
      Wee Kit: I performed save my world and I was the Earth. Daddy came to Pathlight to see me perform. He bought 2 ice-creams for me.
      Amit: I went to Eden School myself to take the school bus to Pathlight School with Teacher Kah Li and Teacher Eileen.
      Chun Seng: I came to Pathlight School with Teacher Kah Li. Mummy also came to see me perform on stage.

    2. How did you prepare for the performance?

      Wee Kit: We performed and practiced in Eden School and at Pathlight on Friday with friends and teachers.

      Amit: I went to Pathlight to practice on Friday. We practiced many times and it was very hot.
    3. How did teachers help you in preparing for the performance?

      Wee Kit: Teachers helped me to dance and be better on stage. They sang the ‘Saving Gaia’ song to help me remember my dance steps.

      Amit: They looked after me because mummy and daddy were busy.
    4. What did you like about AVSW and your performance?

      Wee Kit: I like to sing and dance on stage. I liked eating chicken burger and soya milk at Pathlight.

      Amit: I like to perform for a lot of people. I also brought home 2 balloons to show mommy.

      Chun Seng: I liked eating the fried noodles, chicken wings and French fries at Pathlight. As it was very hot, mummy bought cold green tea for me. I also bought a Doraemon balloon home.

Many Eden staff, students and parents were at the AVSW carnival at Pathlight on 13 July 2013. We are all very proud to be part of the BIG family, raising funds and supporting the Employability and Employment Centre and the autism community in general.

The event was a huge success. Many thanks to all involved in the project; AVSW Eden Committee, students from Class Lewis & Finn, Pastry Job Coach Joseph Tan and staff & parents who went down to support the team. We are all looking forward to put in more contributions towards AVSW next year!