National Day And Hari Raya Concert

Celebrations are always something that our Edenites look forward to. What more when two celebrations happened at the same time on 6th August, for Hari Raya and National Day! Everyone was excited and hyped up weeks before the concert day.

In the days leading up to the concert, students made their own Singapore flags & weaved construction paper ketupats to decorate their classrooms. They did colouring on Hari Raya & National Day themed pieces and prepared shakers to dance in tune to the concert performance on 6 August too. Some students wrote their names to form the ‘building blocks’ for a video montage on concert day.

On 6 August, everyone came to school in red or white and the mood was charged with excitement. This year’s concert was hosted by Teachers Christine and Syafiqa and student Amirul from Henson class. Amirul was the star emcee, dazzling in his traditional Malay attire.

Kicking off the concert was the traditional march pass by our friends from our buddy school, Jurongville Secondary School. Their uniform contingent added pageantry as everyone sang the national anthem. Another group of students from Jurongville then took to the stage and regaled our students with a charming Er-hu ensemble performance and a flashy k-pop dance, right after the March pass.

The celebration concert included the annual sing-a-longs to ‘We are Singapore’, ‘Stand up for Singapore’ and a Malay song titled ‘Suasana Hari Raya’.  We also had our long running favourite event of fashion parade where teachers and students paired up and sashayed in their National Day and Hari Raya bests.

The concert ended with a bang where everyone danced to the tune of the minion dance. Easy to follow dance steps and catchy tune, everyone caught the “minion” bug and the joyous atmosphere was infectious and instantaneous. This celebratory mood extended to the classrooms and continued to reverberate in school til everyone said their goodbyes at the end of the day.

A Big Thank You to the teachers and staff of the National Day & Hari Raya Committee and the staff and students from Jurongville Secondary School for the wonderful concert. The event brought smiles, excitement, laughter and new dance moves to all in Eden School!