NE Show 2013

Dressed conventionally in red, both students and teachers were all hyped about attending the national day parade rehearsal held at the floating platform @ Marina on the Saturday afternoon on 20 July 2013. En route to the venue, some excited students kept asking if they were reaching the parade ground soon.

Everyone enjoyed the visual simulations from all the lights and movements presented on stage. The most memorable part was the presentation of the civil defence and police armed forces. Unlike the mundane march past routines, the civil servants displayed their services to the country through a skit - where policemen and other investigation bureau personnel went on a mission to capture wanted criminals.

Besides the wonderful skit performance, students especially enjoyed the sing along sessions. Many of them stood up and waved their sabre-looking torches enthusiastically and sang to the tunes and songs. Those who did not know the lyrics hummed and swayed along. Throughout the parade, all our students were so engaged!

The happy memories of the parade did not end then as many spoke about it, days after the NE show. It was a really fun and educational experience!

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