Ipad Training For Eden School Teachers

On the 26 of July and 20th of September, twenty teachers across level two classes took part in a two session workshop to learn strategies for teaching using the iPad. Teachers were introduced to various story kit apps for creating interactive content with their students.

At the end of the first session, participants were assigned to make use of strategies that were taught and told to share their experiences in the following session. "It is truly fulfilling to see the end product," said Teacher Eleanor from Henson Class. "Who would have guessed that our students would be capable of producing content on their own?"

Teachers used content creating apps such as Book Creator for iPad to create interactive social stories and also as a means for students to express their knowledge. Teacher Hwee Ben used Puppet Pals to role play lessons within the class prior to transiting them to the physical location. "I was totally surprised to see how she could come up with these stories by herself," said Teacher Patricia Goh, whose students began to request iPad more frequently after learning how they and their friends could be characters in their own story.

As teachers took the stage to share their experiences, it became quickly evident that students participated far more actively when the iPad was used for teaching. Everyone left with a plethora of new teaching ideas and wide smiles on their faces, eager to learn more about how the iPad can be used for teaching across other domains.