Dental Health Visit

Open wide! It’s time again to let the friendly dentists and nurses from the Health Promotion Board to check our teeth and help us keep them in tip-top condition. The team was here for the annual check-up from the 19th to the 21st August to make a visual check on our students’ dental health status.

Students were prepared for the visit as teachers went through what to expect with them in class and by sending home the visuals to reinforce the preparation with their family and caregivers. A mock-up of the dental check set-up was provided in the preceding week to help students familiarise themselves better with the environment and orientate themselves for the actual day.

The dental team was immeasurably kind and patient, giving our students space and understanding, factoring in the autism requirements and adjusting their interactions with the students accordingly. Definitely a group to set anybody at ease anywhere! Our heartfelt thanks to the team for making a challenging experience a pleasant one for our students!

Let’s all keep our teeth in super shape and show the team next year what a great job they had done!

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