Parent Communication & Learning Night (Term 3)

PCLN3 this year saw an encouraging marked increase in turnout. Great job everyone!! We are also very encouraged to see both parents coming for the event, and giving support to each other. The emcees for the evening were the bubbly duo of Teacher Christine and Shalini from class Cayley.

After introducing and welcoming the new staff members, Principal Mrs Jenny Lai brought the audience up to speed on updates on the June Special Olympics Games updates and the successfully conducted Overnight ‘Stepping Out’ Camp.

Selected students from Classes Cayley and Henson had the opportunity under a satellite partnership with Princess Elizabeth Primary School to take lessons in Tambourine Dancing.

The Satellite Partnership with Princess Elizabeth Primary School was officially formalized by the Ministry of Education in May 2013. After a number of brainstorming sessions between the leadership of the 2 schools, a series of integration activities was planned for 2013. This included students from Eden School learning Tambourine Dance with identified buddies from Princess Elizabeth School. After 9 sessions of practice from July to August, the students put up a performance during Eden School's Parent Learning and Communication Night on 30 August 2013. Read the attached article to find out more about the event.

Teacher Jared from Russell class then took the stage in ‘Teacher Sharing on Good Practices’. He demonstrated how to effectively use an iPad App titled ‘Let’s Make Soup’ to teach an English topic on Quantity (One, All, Some, Few).

A group of teachers shared on Communication, a very key soft skill. Videos demonstrated practices around the school showing how students interacted with visual supports and scripts in different contexts and settings to express their needs.

Mrs Jesslyn Ng then shared how using visual supports helped her in teaching daily living skills at home (such as wiping table and making bed) to her son Zane. She found that using visual instructions gave greater clarity to Zane versus just using verbal instructions, and enabled him to enjoy learning. She also extended the use of visuals to buying chicken rice at a food centre, which enabled Zane to practice buying food more independently. Visual instructions were also regularly used to prepare Zane when going out to new places. The structure, preparations and predictability ensured that family outings went smoothly without much hitches.

The evening closed with the address by school supervisor Ms Denise Phua, who spoke about the first ever insurance plan by NTUC to cover people in autism up to the age of 30 called SpecialCare (Autism) – a collaboration between ARC and NTUC. The plan covers accidents and 17 types of infectious diseases, and reimburses hospitalisation, therapy and ambulance fees. She encouraged the audience to sign up through a very simple application process.

More information can be found at the following link.