Teachers’ Day Celebrations – A Harley Davidson Collaboration

It’s not every day that our students from Eden School get a chance to sit on a motorbike and have their photos taken. But that was exactly what happened earlier this month, and it wasn’t just any motorbike, it was a Harley-Davidson!

Volunteers from Harley-Davidson Singapore came by on 5th September to brighten up our students’ day with a variety of activities such as photo taking, baking, cleaning up the PE Store and interacting with our students in class.

The main highlight for the students was the photo booth where they could pose on a bike with a handsome or gorgeous Harley Davidson biker.  Vibrant and quirky props such as wigs, hats, fancy glasses and mini umbrellas were provided for the students to add dash to their photographs. Stickers, markers and glitter were also available to add on finishing touches to specially designed photo frames prepared so thoughtfully by the Harley Davidson team.

With so much colour and excitement and a snapshot memento to bring home as well, our Eden School students definitely had a revved up beginning to the Teachers’ Day school holiday and the September term break following thereafter.

Thank you very much to the awesome people from Harley-Davidson Singapore for sponsoring the entire event, and spending an amazing time with our students. We look forward to have you join us in our future events.