World Autism Awareness Week: Seminar For Healthcare Professionals

The Autism Awareness Seminar for Healthcare Professionals was held on the 5th of April 2014 at the KK Hospital Auditorium. The seminar, in collaboration with Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School and its partners, Autism Association (Singapore), Autism Resource centre, Rainbow Centre Singapore and St. Andrew’s Autism Centre, was held as part of this year’s World Autism Awareness Week. 

Medical and healthcare professionals alike attended sessions focusing on equipping them with a deeper understanding of autism, to enable them to better relate with such patients and their caregivers in the course of their work. The programme covered a broad cornucopia of topics ranging from debunking myths, the screening process, medical and dental care as well as communication with patients.

Eight staff members from Eden School attended this enlightening seminar, at the end of which had left them with a better and more comprehensive understanding of the autism landscape mainly in the local context. Indeed, the medical information was particularly relevant in the Eden School setting. For example, students with dental issues need customised care. One of the participants, Ms Kimberly, learnt that there are doctors/dentists who are experienced in working with patients with autism. She said, ‘It’s good to be in the know of specific medical avenues that we can direct parents and caregivers to should the need arise.’
All in all, it was day well spent that would greatly help our teachers and healthcare professionals in their continued efforts to spread autism awareness.

The participants then consolidated their learning when they returned to school and shared interesting insights with the rest of the staff during Contact Time.