Parent Communication And Learning Night (Term 1)

The first Parent Communication Learning Night (PCLN) of 2014 was held on 7th of March 2014. The emcees of the day were Teacher Lim Hui Wen and student Sara Chua of Fraser PM. These names might sound familiar.  That is because Teacher Hui Wen and Sara emcee-ed for the recent Chinese New Year celebrations – they did such a wonderful job then, we just needed to hear them again!

The evening commenced with the introduction of new staff and our Youth for Autism (YFA) interns. Following that was a Ribbon Dance item put up by our Ascott and Fraser classes. The students gleefully showcased their dancing talents to the upbeat song 'Bar Bar Bar' by K-pop group Crayon Pop. The resounding applause left no doubt that the item was greatly enjoyed by the audience. At the end of the item, Teacher Hui Wen introduced each dancer to the audience and gave each student an opportunity to address their parents.

On the heels of the dance, the audience was given a deeper glimpse into the school's General Vocation domain. Job coaches and therapist shared what they do on a daily basis to train our students for vocational skills such as office, resource making, cleaning and baking.  

The concluding segment of the evening saw Ms Jacquelyn Ang, our Eden School Board member and a parent to a youth with autism, take to the stage again in her second appearance at our Parent Sharing. She shared valuable insight on how she trains and prepares her son Ryan in carrying out daily household chores and preparing simple one-dish meals at home. Parents and caregivers gave the feedback that they greatly benefited from Ms Ang's sharing. Her easy and affable stage presence certainly put a warm glow to her words, and touched and encouraged the hearts of many.