Family Bowling & Lunch Fun

Nineteen of our students and their families had an active and fun-filled Saturday morning on 26 Apr'14, evidenced by everyone turning up early for the function.

The event, organized and sponsored by a group of private volunteers from Solomon's Porch, saw our students and their family members enjoy bowling fun and a delicious lunch treat at the Singapore Island Country Club (Thomson).

For many of our students, this was their first trip to a bowling alley, and needless to say, a first bowling outing with their parents, siblings and friends. Though it was their first visit to the venue, many of our students adapted to the new environment and the volunteers well.

It was a delightful sight watching our students having fun and enjoying each other's company. Approximately six students were assigned to each bowling lane. The students in each lane were able to wait patiently for their turn to bowl, and some even cheered on their friends and family members whose balls managed to hit the pins.

After bowling for an hour and a half, the students showed that it was clearly hard work - they had a sumptuous buffet lunch whereby they gobbled down meal choices such as Hainanese Chicken Rice, Laksa and Chicken Nuggets.  Our children clearly loved the chicken nuggets – it had to be replenished 3 times!

It was truly an unusual Saturday. Our heartfelt thanks to the parents and the volunteers from Solomon's Porch for arranging such a special treat for our students and their families!