Parent Conference And Learning Night 3

The evening of 22nd August 2014 in Eden School was abuzz again as the 3rd Parent Communication and Learning Night of the year proceeded in full swing.

The emcees for the night were Teacher Huilin and student Mubarak from Cayley AM. Their enthusiasm was certainly infectious. Things certainly went off to a rolling good start as 8 performers from Eden's Percussion Talent Development CCA took to the stage and gave a rousing rendition of the ever popular 'We Will Rock You' using shapes and drums.

Principal Mrs Jenny Lai gave her opening address and introduced the new batch of teachers. Next, Teacher Nicole shared highlights from the inaugural overseas school camp to Malacca which took place during the June holidays.

The succeeding segment was a sharing by Mrs Connie Goh, mother of Givens from Herring (AM).  Mrs Goh shared about how she noticed and then nurtured her son's interest in clay art, and how it has kept him engaged and calm.  Occupational Therapist, Jit Kuan and Autism Therapist, Felicia Yeo, then introduced the use of the Good Teaching Practice Checklist which parents and caregivers can use to evaluate the feasibility and efficacy of potential tasks or teaching ideas.

Following the break, Teacher Atiqah shared an interesting app called Bitsboard. The versatile app enables users to customise their own activity boards and had a variety of flashcards, memory games, spelling bees and more.

Next, Mr Norman Kee, father of 3 boys with autism, gave a talk entitled "Nobody's Perfect: Living & Growing with Children Who have Autism". As a parent who has seen his children through their development from childhood through early adulthood, he shared the importance of having the right mind-set and outlook, and to take action to make a positive difference.

To conclude the evening, School Supervisor Ms Denise Phua gave her closing address, amongst which she spoke about The Purple Parade which is in its second year, taking place on 15 November at Hong Lim Park.  She strongly encouraged the audience to support this worthy cause in increasing awareness and supporting inclusion of people with special needs.

So if you're reading this, do come down on that day and bring as many people as you can with you!