Parent Conference And Learning Night 4

The final PCLN of the year took place on 10 October 2014 with an added dash of difference as the emcees of the evening Teacher Ellis and student Jonas Tan took to the stage wearing purple capes and masks.  The Superhero theme was selected to drum up enthusiasm and support for the upcoming Purple Parade taking place on 15 November at Hong Lim Park.  At the foyer, after registration, parents posed for photos with the specially designed Purple Parade C-box frame.

The event aptly commenced with a skit by Cayley Class (PM).  The students were decked out in  Superhero outfits.  Batman, Superman, Ironman, Wonder Boy and even Iron Man made their appearance to the delight of the audience.  The students put up an energetic and spirited skit about valuing each other's strengths, and were rewarded with resounding applause from the captivated audience. The students practised hard and memorised their parts well.  They gave a spectacular performance and were indeed the Superheros of the evening!

Next, teachers Tricia and Rasinah from Trigg Class shared about student Aryan, who helped in his mother's online jewellery business Javeri Designs. He packed the jewellery pieces specially designed by his mother.  His interest in beads and beading was noticed by his class teachers who then provided Aryan lots of practice in school in skills such as threading, sorting and patterning.  Kudos to Mr and Mrs Mitra for leveraging on Aryan's interests, and engaging him in meaningful pursuits.

Autism Therapist Felicia and Senior Occupational Jit Kuan next addressed the feedback and challenges faced by parents using the Good Teaching Practice Checklist introduced at the previous PCLN.  Examples of how parents had used the Checklist were shared, and the story of how mum worked with student Jia'en in learning the ukulele was shared; again another lovely story of parents taking initiative to work with and alongside their child.

The evening continued with the Ideas Corner segment by Teachers Evelyn and Syafiqa. They shared with parents strategies on how to carry out Aesthetic Reading which basically means reading for enjoyment. Teacher Syafiqa started off by explaining how Aesthetic Reading helps in stimulating interest in books and laying the foundation for language skill formation. Teacher Evelyn demonstrated the reading of the book 'My Friend is Sad' by Mo Willems. She read the book in an engaging manner and brought the pictures to life by animating the emotions in the story.

Our invited guest speaker, Dr. Chin Chee Hon from the Child Guidance Clinic, Institute of Mental Health, spoke on mental health issues in autism and the medications available to help address certain medical or behavioural conditions.

Ms Denise Phua our School Supervisor, wrapped up the evening by sharing updates on The Purple Parade.  A new feature this year was the Purple Parade truck which will make its way to various community and corporate venues to promote the event. Besides purchasing carnival coupons for the event, parents were also encouraged to volunteer their time to promote the event during the three weekends starting 25 October at various shopping centres and malls. Interested parents can sign up at http://www. or contact Shirley at 81123259.

So remember to make a date to join us on 15 November, 3 pm at Hong Lim Park.