Deepavali Celebrations 2014

The five senses were ignited as Eden School held its Deepavali celebrations on 24th October 2014. The Hindu teachers and volunteers prepared a variety of activities appealing to the senses, and centred around the theme of the elephant.  

Sight - Colours abounded in the school from the dazzling décor to the traditional costumes. Prior to the celebrations, students made candle holders which adorned the hallways of Eden, catching and reflecting flashes of light which were evocative of the festive mood.  A photo booth was set up, with many exciting props and costumes to choose from. Our students and teachers clearly enjoyed the day.

Touch – Activities like henna painting and games allowed our students to be treated to a sensory fest.  The cooling henna paste from the tube transformed the hand to a work of art. There were also hands-on games like "pin the tail on the elephant" for the students to enjoy.

Smell and taste – The aroma of delicious Indian food like iddiyappam, idli and vadai filled the café, whetting the appetite of students who had the opportunity to sample the food prepared by the teachers and volunteers. Some students clearly appreciated the change of cuisine during their snack time, with some taking extra helpings.

 Hearing – one could hear squeals of laughter and merriment filling the air as the day's activities went into full swing.