2014 School Based Achievements Awards (Sbaa) And Graduation Ceremony

The school's 2014 School Based Achievements Awards (SBAA) and Graduation Ceremony was held on 7 November 2014. The Awards Ceremony is an annual highlight to celebrate the achievements and improvements made by students over the course of the year.  A total of 275 awards were given out to 228 students. 8 Edenites also graduated on that day.

The morning ceremonies were co-hosted by Teacher Nasuha and student Ethan Liew from Fraser AM, while the afternoon ceremonies were co-hosted by Teacher Christine and student Aw Yong Jun En Nathaniel from Cayley PM. They did a wonderful job of engaging the audience.

And what is an Awards Ceremony without entertainment? The talented Luo Mang from Wright AM wowed the crowd with a graceful Butterfly Dance, while the students from the Percussion Talent Development Club brought funky beats to the venue with their drums and glockenspiels. The teachers from the Ukelele Interest Group showed their musical side through a ukulele ensemble medley, and Teachers Himig, Jacklyn and Huey Leng put up an acoustic performance.

Undoubtedly, the biggest cheers were reserved for the Award recipients and graduands. The proud families clapped and snapped pictures as their children received their awards on stage. A tribute video was also shown documenting the learning journey of the graduands from their early years in Eden up to the point of graduation, before they were called up on stage to receive their souvenir teddy bear, photo collage and a certificate. Photo booths with various props were also set up in the café for Award recipients and parents to take memories of the momentous occasion.

It was definitely a great day full of proud moments for students, parents and teachers. Congratulations once again to all awardees and graduands!