Parent Communication And Learning Night 1

Eden School’s first Parent Communication and Learning Night (PCLN) of the year was unlike our previous PCLNs. For a start, the emcees were not the usual teachers or students. Instead, our Principal, Mrs Lai, and Vice Principal, Mrs Patricia Cheng, tried their hands at emceeing. Our senior students assisted with registration, refreshment and ushering duties.

The evening started off with Nur Margfirah from Fullerton, who entertained the crowd with her energetic dance performance. Dancing first with Teachers Rose and Kimberly, Margfirah then took to the stage on her own, showing off her impressive footwork and sense of rhythm.

Next, Mrs Lai and Mrs Cheng introduced the new staff and the Youth for Autism (YFA) interns to the parents. They then shared and reiterated the school’s core values of dignity, meaning and independence, and explained how these values are important for our students with autism. Teacher Kenneth then shared how he incorporated these core values in his lessons in teaching student Andre to make food choices and buy food at the school café independently.

Following a short break, the school shared with parents the focus and format of future PCLNs which is aligned with the school’s focus of actively engaging parents in supporting student learning.  A short survey was carried out with parents on the topics of interest for learning.

Our school supervisor, Ms Denise Phua, ended off the night with a sharing of World Autism Awareness Singapore activities starting 2 April.  These include a public showcase, an autism seminar, a medical symposium and an autism run. She encouraged parents to actively support and participate in the various activities.