Achievement & Graduation Ceremony 2016

Eden School’s annual Achievement and Graduation Ceremony (AGC) was celebrated on Friday 18 November 2016.  It was a time to acknowledge the progress and achievements made by our Edenites, as well as to celebrate the graduation of 21 students.


In catering to the various needs of our students, several ceremonies were held concurrently at different venues in the school.  This accommodation was made to ensure that every deserving awardee could participate in and be part of the meaningful ceremony.

Colourful balloons and cheerful decorations livened up the celebratory atmosphere. Attendees were treated to an amazing array of performances which included a melodious choir, percussion and an entertaining handbell performance.  ‘The 3 Little Pigs’ story was charmingly acted out by students from the STELLAR Reading Club.

The graduates looking very smart in their white long-sleeved shirts, black blazers and long pants.  AGC marked a significant milestone in their lives. Their years spent in the school has moulded them into who they are; ready to move on. As they proudly mounted the stage to collect their certificates and graduation bears, it was indeed a proud and defining moment. We will miss seeing them in school, but nonetheless we wish them the very best in the next phase of their learning journey.

 Special photo booths with a kaleidoscopic array of props were set up in the café and Art Room. Awardees together with their family members brought home a special memento to remember the event by. There were many happy and proud smiles all around.

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