PCLN1 Article

PCLN1 Article

PCLN1 Article

The first Parent Communication and Learning Night for 2017 kicked off on the 17th of February with a different flavour - the concurrent sessions may not have been there, but the concept of ‘empowerment’ was. Principal Mrs Jenny Lai introduced the 2017 theme ‘Parents Empowering Parents’. Building upon the ‘Empowering Parents’ series from the previous two years, parents were invited to share their personal experiences and journey, in order to encourage and inspire other parents.   We hope that more parents will come forward and volunteer to share!

Teacher Rose helmed the sharing from two parents, Mdm Chen Mei-Feng (Mother of Chun Seng) and Mdm Tan Yock Moy (Mother of Jia En) through a series of interview questions. 

Chun Seng, together with his mother, operates the ‘Noodles for Good’ kiosk at Pathlight School. Jia En, a talented ukulele player has performed live in events such as The Purple Parade as well as for Eden’s 10th Anniversary Celebrations. He is also a member of The Purple Symphony. 

Both parents shared the journey they took overcoming the challenges faced, and how using autism-friendly supports such as visual teaching promoted their child’s engagement and independence. 

The audience participated through a facilitated reflection segment on key learning from the 2 sharing. Vice-Principal Mrs Patricia Cheng consolidated the sharing under the theme ‘Critical Success Factors for Improved Quality of Life’. This can be achieved through knowing your child, strengthening family support and taking an active role in making the necessary accommodations or changes to support learning. 

After the break, students from Morgan Class gave a heart-warming hand-bell performance.  Class Teachers Jolene and Sarah shared how they used visual teaching strategies to guide students without musical background to learn how to play the hand-bells.  Some parents also had a go at playing the hand-bells together, following the visuals shown. 

Ms Denise Phua, School Supervisor rounded up the PCLN by expanding on ‘Quality of Life’ indicators. These include the acquisition of positive outcomes / skills in areas such as health, education, home, mobility, citizenship, finance, employment, relationships, leisure and value. Each indicator was fleshed out with real life examples.  Ms Phua encouraged everyone to work together so that our students can achieve the quality of life that they deserve. 

There was very positive feedback from parents, who enjoyed the refreshing change from a didactic sharing of skills to learning from other parents…. Kudos and thanks to everyone!


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