Semestral Outing To Jurong Safra

After a successful Sports Day collaboration with staff from StarHub, the 'StarHubbees' were so caught on with our students that they helped organize another outing, this time to Kidz Amaze and BazGym at Jurong SAFRA. It was the first time that the students were exposed to a big maze-like structure which was daunting to some students at the start. After some coaxing, it was not long before the students took to the maze and were soon 'at home' navigating themselves with their buddies through the four storey high maze. Not long after staff, students and volunteers were seen sliding their way down a giant four storey maze with no fear in sight. The next part of the morning was spent at BazGym. Students were organized into groups and participated in structured activities at different stations. It was indeed heartwarming to see our students engaging so well and enjoying the activities despite being in a totally new environment