Staff Retreat

After a successful year of hard work, it was time for the staff to relax and have fun together. The staff was bused over to BazGym at Jurong SAFRA for an exciting morning of team building activities that provided lots of opportunities for problem solving, communication and teamwork. Staff were given interesting assignments at six different stations such as 'Eye Contact', 'Falling Tree', 'Towel Mine Field', 'Pyramid', 'Perfect Box Formation' and 'Beam'. As the staff worked to unscramble a puzzle, it was aptly uncovered that the take home message for the day was 'Mission is Possible'. After lunch, staff gathered together to share their morning experiences as well as to brainstorm on key directions for the school in the coming year. Ms Denise Phua, School Supervisor, joined the staff to endorse the hard work and efforts put in by the staff during the year.