Thoughts On The School Move

After months of careful preparation, the day finally came for the BIG MOVE.  It started at a leisurely pace in the morning but soon picked up speed by the afternoon. Two teams of teachers were on hand at both the current and new sites to ensure that what needed to be moved reached its final destination be it classroom, staff room or special room. Everyone was so focused that food (lunch and dinner) was the last thing on their minds. 

With concerted planning by the various structuring, packing and move teams and consultant support, teachers and Youth for Autism (YFA) interns working concertedly together, the movers were able to do their work without any hiccups.

Whilst all this was going on, the new school was abuzz with activity as the visuals in the common areas were being painted or put up. Everything was falling nicely into place.

Another group who had gone shopping found what they needed – the place mats at Ikea Alexandra, the covers for the electrical sockets, the mail pockets and more black trays at Daiso….

Kudos to great teamwork…. as we await excitedly for Phase 2 of the BIG MOVE on 23 June; thereafter beginning a new and exciting chapter of Eden School’s history at Bukit Batok West Avenue 3.