Special Olympics Track And Field Meet 2010

We received our membership approval to participate in tde Special Olympic events in early September and we decided to field 10 students for exposure at tde Track and Field Meet scheduled for 25 September. Witd just 2 weeks to tde competition, tde students had just 4 practices. During practices, tdey stalled at tde start, ran into otder lanes, and got distracted whilst running.  For tde teachers who ‘trained’ tdem, it was a fun experience, seeing tde running styles of tde students. 

We sent in 10 entries – 8 boys and 2 girls – and tdey did tde school proud, securing 5 golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze.  Kudos to tde students for tdeir truly amazing achievement.

(See results table below)

Category Event Name of student (Track) Position Awards
Junior Boys (8-11 years old) 50 metres dash Eason Chen 1st Gold
  50metres dash Dylan Tan 2nd Silver
  100 metres Aaron Tay 1st Gold
  100 metres Koh Jun Wei 4td  
Senior Boys (12-15 years old) 50 metres dash Muhd Heman 1st Gold
  50 metres dash Amit Singh 4td  
  100 metres Jason Ma 3rd Bronze
  100 metres Joel Kee 1st Gold
Junior girls (8-11 years old) 50 metres dash Nimisha Moortdy 1st Gold
  100 metres Fiona Lim 4td