Autism Musical @ Pathlight

“Yes We Can!” was the theme of the 1st inaugural Pathlight Musical. The musical depicted an inspiring life journey of a Pathlighter with the ups and downs faced by him.

The musical was made possible through the hard work of a team of renowned artistic talents, Pathlight staff and students. Eden School, being a sister school, was also invited to join in the musical.  2 students and 2 teachers gave a song recital “You Are My Sunshine” and another 2 teachers took part in the Bollywood dance item.

The participants sacrificed many hours of their September school holidays for rehearsals.  The musical which had a day matinee and evening performance was greeted with a rousing standing ovation at the end of each showing.

It was a musical that lifted the spirits and inspired everyone present – a fitting testimony to the “Yes We Can!” title of the musical.