Sandwich-Making Competition

2011 saw the introduction of the WorkPlace Promotion Programme in Eden School. The focus for the programme was to promote physical fitness, healthy eating and lifestyle, and good mental and emotional health.

To kick-start a slew of interesting activities for the year, a Sandwich Making Competition was held on 23 February.

History was made when the Eden staff joined their individual baguette (with different fillings) to form a continuous sandwich. It measured 15 metres in length! A first Eden record!

Teachers then ate their self-assembled baguette, with fillings ranging from egg mayonnaise, beef, chicken, tuna and mushroom. Yummy!

A sandwich-making competition was up next, with 10 teams of 3 teachers competing for 3 top prizes. It was an intense half an hour during which the individual teams had to assemble their most nutritious and appealing sandwich with pre-prepared ingredients. When time was up, each team made a presentation to the panel of judges made up of a nutritionist, Ms Denise Phua (school supervisor) and Mrs Patricia Cheng (school vice principal). It was a nail-biting moment as the results were announced.

Comments by teachers include:

"This day was very meaningful and interesting for me as it was a time for all of us teachers to rest, relax and have fun after a hard day at work."

"This competition truly encouraged us to increase and build up our bonding between staff. I managed to get to know more about our current teachers as well as our new staff who just joined us."

"I am so happy that I was able to learn how to create different types of sandwiches and to calculate the nutritional values. I will be able to create more nutritious sandwiches for my children in future."

"We are proud to make Eden history by making the longest sandwich!"