Sharing By An Eden Volunteer

What never fails to amaze me during my time in Eden School is that the students are always smiling. The completion of an artwork or the successful demonstration of gym exercises to fellow peers will always be accompanied by big grins lighting up the students' faces. Indeed I loved every minute of working as a volunteer in Ms. Ranae's art class and Ms. Eng's gym class during the school's first semester.

In Ms. Ranae's art class, I assisted in the preparation of art materials such as drawing templates and mobiles. In addition, working with the students was particularly enjoyable. I would guide them by explaining the different steps that they would have to take to complete their artworks. Over time I realized that different students have different learning needs; some are able to paint or color within specified boundaries while others use colored stickers instead of pencils to distinguish between colors and navigate boundaries. You can tell from their enthusiasm that art is indeed a valuable means of expression for these students.

In Ms. Eng's gym class, I assisted the students in the scooter board activity, circuit as well as warm-up and conditioning exercises. I learnt my most important lesson in this class when a teacher told me, "You cannot teach well until you try the activity out for yourself." Undoubtedly, after trying out the exercises I began to understand their difficulty levels and the ways in which the students can benefit from them. I also learnt much from the students. It was heartening to see their keenness for the gym exercises and their cheers of support for one another.

It has been such a wonderful and enriching experience that I will be sure to volunteer in Eden School again when I have the chance to return to Singapore.

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