Semestral 1 Outing

Eden School's first semestral outing of the year for 2012 was held on the 19th of April. The students were divided into 2 groups. The Emerson track classes as well as four of the younger Blake classes, making up a total of 60 students went to Xplorerkid at E!Hub Downtown East. The older students from Blake & Jubilee Track and the younger students from Columbus Track went to Underwater World & Dolphin Lagoon at Sentosa.

Xplorerkid @ E!Hub Downtown East

Xplorerkid is an indoor activity centre with several play areas such as Megaplay (with its’ slides, tunnels, and different levels for climbing/exploring), Lit Ball Pool (the name says it all, though the lighting is adjusted such that the balls appear to be lit up) and the Cocoon, which contains a smaller ball pool as well as fun-designed cushions for play or relaxation.

A total of 47 parents & caregivers accompanied the students for this outing, making for a meaningful bonding experience. Out of the 47 parents, 20% of them were fathers, who took time off to bond with their children on this special day. As part of the Dads for Life movement, which aims to encourage a stronger presence of fathers in the school setting & activities, school took this opportunity to encourage fathers’ participation and is very touched by the good turnout.

Xplorerkid was filled with broad smiling faces, cheerful grins, sounds of excitement and an atmosphere of fun wherever one looked, that morning. Be it when the students were going down the slides , negotiating the ‘corridors’ of the Megaplay, or wading through the ball pool, together with their parents. The colours and designs at the venue added to the cheerful atmosphere and enhanced the happy mood of all participants.

Underwater World & Dolphin Lagoon @ Sentosa

The outing started on a sunny day. Students were extremely eager to explore the Underwater World after hearing so much from the teachers. Not only did the students learn and see many different marine lives close up, a few brave students even had fun touching some of them!

The Tunnel inside the Underwater World was definitely the highlight of the outing! Everyone gasped in excitement as we entered the Tunnel. We were all fascinated to see many beautiful fishes, stingrays and sharks swimming in the deep blue water all around us. Once in a while, a school of colourful fishes would swim past us and the scene was magnificent. The students loved the Tunnel as it was simply magical.

Our stomachs were growling after leaving the cold Underwater World. We were thankful for the great weather. While waiting for the Dolphin and Sea Lions Show to begin, we snacked by the Dolphin Lagoon, overlooking a couple of healthy pink dolphins swimming and playing with each other.

At the Dolphin Lagoon, everyone sat tight, looked around eagerly and waited for the cue from the dolphin instructors. We clapped our hands as the dolphins leaped up from the pool. The beautiful dolphins collaborated with their passionate instructors and performed many amazing stunts, which awed the audience. One of the stunts was the dolphin leaping up into the air through a hoop before plunging into the pool. It was lovely!

After the dolphins showed off their talent, the sea lions finally made their appearance to greet the crowd. As the sea lions waved their fins to the audience, our students waved back to them frantically, in hopes for the sea lions to see them. It was such a rare opportunity to be incredibly close to the sea lions and we were extremely glad to be there. At the end of the show, everyone clapped in unison for the wonderful performance put up by the dolphins, sea lions and of course, their instructors!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Xplorerkid and Underwater World & Dolphin Lagoon, for hosting Eden School. We are also very thankful to the staff at both venues, for the understanding and aiding the organizing committee in accommodating to the needs of our students.

We would also like to thank the parents & caregivers for their support and taking time off and spending it meaningfully with the students. Last, but not least, heartfelt thanks to all the staff and volunteers who have all played a part in making this event a joyful day for the children.