Esplanade's Values Inspired Project

I was excited beyond words to join Eden School on a shared learning journey in the Esplanade’s Values Inspired Project, or V.I.P. as it is more commonly known. This project aims to inspire participants to understand, reflect and embrace values in admiration of the human spirit, through art.

Eden School adopted the value of “Grace”. Grace means simple elegance in spirit and movement. To be gracious is to extend warmth, kindness and compassion to others. We could not ask for a more fitting theme for this project. Eden students are aglow with grace every day!

The art room bustles at the beginning of every Tuesday morning from 10 April to 22 May, in anticipation of V.I.P. Eight young artists from Fullerton Class had the opportunity to express themselves through art and be part of this meaningful project. With the guidance and help from the class teachers – Rachel & Ellaine, and YFA intern Isabel, the students added their personalities into the art pieces, from choosing their favourite colours to the different designs on the claddings.

Here's a glimpse of the steps into achieving the final masterpieces and what the students went through in the 6 weeks project:

  • Week one - Select and paint a colour for the base.
  • Week two - Choose and paint a second shade to the base.
  • Week three - Learning about “Grace” (led by Ms Luanne Poh of Esplanade) & sketch prints inspired by Malay heritage motifs.
  • Week four - Transfer sketches onto the cladding in bigger scale.
  • Week five and six - Colour the sketched images on the claddings. 

It was very encouraging to see the students immersing themselves in a new art experience and thoroughly enjoying it. They drew, painted and even did a little dance when Luanne shared a Malay folksong “Wau BuLan” with the students during the learning session.

The artwork will be on display during the Esplanade's Pesta Raya Festival in July 2012. The final installation speaks of Wau (or kites) dancing gracefully in the sky amidst a soothing breeze. The images on the kites echo motifs found in Malay heritage designs such as flowers and leaves, geometric shapes and dots on batik. Please support us by visiting the artworks at the Esplanade. See you there!