National Day & Racial Harmony Day Celebration

 National Day spirits was in the air as Eden School celebrated Singapore’s 47th birthday on 8th August 2012. It was also a day where the whole school came together to celebrate racial harmony; a day to appreciate Singapore’s racial cohesion. On that day, everybody in school was dressed in either their creative national red and white outfits or ethnic costumes. It was definitely a day filled with vibrancy and liveliness!

The celebration in the morning "kick-started" with a March Pass by Jurong Ville Secondary School Uniform Group. It was then followed by a fashion show put up by our very own teachers and students, showcasing the different ethnic costumes as part of racial harmony celebration. Everyone had fun doing either the Singapore workout or mass dance in "Agogo" style, dancing to the tune of "Twist & Shout". In dedication to all the Eden students, teachers and staff, a video of Eden School’s National Day spirit was screened as well. There was also a quiz segment where students were given the opportunity to go on stage to answer questions regarding National Day. Finally, the celebration ended on a high note with a sing-along session as everyone waved the Singapore flags and crooned to the familiar National Day tunes of "We are Singapore", "Count on me Singapore" and "Voices of the Heart".

The celebration mood was further lifted by 2 national day mascots which brought many smiles and cheers to our students. :)

We would like to thank everyone for their preparation and participation in this unforgettable celebration and making this event meaningful for our students!

Happy 47th Birthday Singapore!
Eden School National Day Committee 2012