Rock Climbing CCA With Nanyang Girls' High School

6 students from Class Drake of Columbus Track were selected to take up Rock Climbing as their CCA Programme this term. The CCA programme is a collaboration between Nanyang Girls' High School and Eden School to introduce Rock Climbing as a leisure activity for the students.  The CCA programme is conducted over 9 weeks from July to August at Nanyang Girls' High School, led by the Nanyang Experiential Learning Team.

The students greeted this CCA with much enthusiasm and excitement, and looked forward to every session. Over the sessions, they learnt the importance of wearing the various safety gear, practiced bouldering and eventually moved on to scale the heights of the wall.

With the help of the Nanyang team to structure the wall with numbered visuals and motivational characters, the students slowly built up their confidence to do the climbs. The instructors encouraged each student to progress at his or her own learning pace, and set differentiated goals based on the student's ability level.

This has been a wonderful opportunity for the students to build up their confidence and self-esteem. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the Nanyang team for their patience and guidance to make this collaboration a success!