Therapeutic Horse Riding By Riding For The Disabled Association (RDA)

12 students from Eden School participated in the 10 weeks Therapeutic Horse Riding Programme organized by RDA in Term 3, 2012. Parents of the student participants were encouraged to volunteer and many accompanied their children to attend the weekly sessions this year.

Qin Han, a student participant from Class Wright, was initially apprehensive towards the horse and the “odour” at the stable. He overcame his anxiety and apprehension during the first lesson and has been looking forward to every Wednesday to meet his horse and the friendly instructors and volunteers at RDA.

Qin Han has written a short journal on his experience and feeling of the programme. 2 other students, Abundance Lim and Arthur Koh, have also shared their reflections. From the sharing, it can be seen that the students had fun, enjoyed themselves and developed a love for their horses.

Thank you to all the instructors, volunteers and staff at RDA for making the programme possible for the students in Eden. Also thanks to all the teachers and parents for being there to support the students in this new learning experience.