MOLLY Visits Eden School

A special visitor was in school on the 1st and 22nd of August this year for students of the Blake and Columbus tracks. Bringing the national library experience right up to students in their schools since she was launched in 2008, Molly the Mobile Library has now made her way to Eden School.

According to the National Library Board, "The purpose of Molly is to reach out to the under-served groups and encourage these potential patrons to become active users of public libraries in the long run, as part of their lifelong learning journey."

We hope that with this Molly experience, students who have not visited any libraries before will start visiting them with their caregivers and those who have started to frequent the library, will be spurred to visit the libraries more frequently, especially those with reading and emerging reading skills.

Students boarding Molly find themselves in a cozy and comfortably air-conditioned environment with many books within easy reach from shelves on either side of the bus. There is a diverse range of books to choose from that would suit every student interests.  No matter what skill levels of the students, MOLLY'’s books range from picture books, touchy-feely books, to various grades - very simple to advanced, reading level books.

As the mobile library is equipped with lending facilities, students and teachers alike were able to make use of NLB services. Students were taught to lend the story books by scanning their library cards and placing the books on the sensor pads on the lending machine.

All the students are looking forward to MOLLY in Term 4 and we hope to see her soon!