Parent Communication And Learning Night

Miss Tan Wee Lim, the Principal of Eden School started the session with the introduction of 14 new teaching and support staff who joined the school in June 2012.  The student enrolment had increased to 224.

For the first time, the PCLN was hosted by Teacher Kenneth Hong and student Maheswaran.  The pair engaged the audience as they strung the evening’s programme together. Ms Felicia Yeo (Autism Therapist), Teacher Samantha Tang and Kate Tan provided updates on the 4 tracks – Emerson, Blake, Columbus and Jubilee.  Through video clips and photos, they gave parents snap-shots of the students’ learning experience at Eden School.  Ms Felicia Yeo shared about Play@Recess where students were given opportunities to build their core skills under Work Habits, Self-Regulation and Functional Communication and Social Interaction. During recess, the students had a choice of different games to play eg. bay blades, carrom, basketball, soccer, badminton, hot wheels, Tamiya cars and etc.

Key takeaway for the parents were how to create opportunities for leisure at home were:

  • Build independent leisure skills
  • Incorporate choice and communication skills (e.g. request for activity, request for more time)

Teacher Samantha Tang and Kate Tan shared the use of Explicit Instruction (EI) strategy to teach the students in class. Using the EI work flow, they took the audience through the steps of:

  • Plan (identify the skill to teach)
  • I Do (gain attention and show how to do)
  • We Do (practise the skill together)
  • You Do (student practise on his own)

The Wright Singers, a group of students from Wright class, was the highlight of the evening where they took to the stage and sang "Voices from the Heart".  The audience joined in and sang with them. Parents of the Wright Singers, beamed with pride and delight, and cheered for them.

Mrs Sonia Ong, mother of Cassandra Ong, shared her experience of teaching her child to write during Learning Segment Part 1.  As her child was non-verbal, she realised that one way of enhancing her child’s communication skills would be through writing.  She shared the journey she took with her child and touched the hearts of the audience with her sincere and candid sharing. She made the whole process clear and simple with the systematic steps adopted to teach the writing skills. Her parting words to the audience were "Parents, rest when you must, but don’t quit."

    • Be Calm
    • Better perseverance
    • Enjoy the whole process

In the Learning Segment Part 2, Mr. Sarayanan (Deputy Head of Eden Centre for Adults) shared on how the young adults at the Centre successfully move through their exercise routine at the Pathlight Gym. Through the photos and videos, the audience gained a better understanding of the appropriate use of visuals, schedules & timers to support the young adults with autism to move independently in community areas outside their home.

In closing, Ms Denise Phua, the School Supervisor, urged all parents to continue their support to the school, and appreciate the hard work put in by all teachers and staff, local or foreign, in ensuring a meaningful learning journey in Eden School.