Hari Raya & Teachers' Day Celebration

Psst... did you know that we just celebrated our Hari Raya and Teachers' Day on the 30 August 2012? It was a blast! One of the main reasons was that, at the concert there were so many first time performers that took to the stage like duck to water! Our budding artists really impressed the audience with the 'WOW' factor…

Firstly, we have Teacher Julizza who co- emceed with student Muhd Aqram from Wright class. Aqram is a natural and he had the stage presence. The emcees really got the show going. Well done Aqram!  Not to be outdone, students from Fullerton class: Trafford Tan, Ahmad Syahmi, Gareth Tuscano, Mohd Firdaus, Mohd Savin and Ammar Najmi, took to the stage performing a Dikir Barat. It is a musical form native to the Malay Peninsula involving some actions, a favourite in the Malay culture. They were great performers who moved in sync with the music and never lost their smiles.

The next show stealer is definitely student Mohd Ghazali from the Emerson track, who played the shaker in accompaniment to Teacher Jude's singing and Teacher Irwin’s drumming. The trio received thunderous applause for their performance.

Hey wait! There's more. Our coaches, track heads and therapist team performed a Malay dance. They can really groove! Potential not maximised all this while, well, we're on to you guys next year.  Another first time performer is Teacher Farhan, our reserved P.E.  teacher,  who sang a Hari Raya song with Muhd Aqram, in perfect harmony.

The AAS and the Eden admin team also showed us their ingenuity in performing a sketch to the current favourite, saving GAIA song. They got the audience stamping, clapping and ooh and ahh to the beat as some of them do catch on to the drama happening on stage. Really cool!

We, at Eden had a wonderful time watching the concert. At the same time, the team is also humbled by the budding talents who honoured the teachers on this special day. A special video message by pupils and staff was also aired to thank all the teachers for their wonderful work. The whole event was truly unforgettable!

It is through school wide celebrations like this, that strong bonds are fostered in Eden. This is a time when everyone gets together and celebrate one another’s achievements and hard work. The Hari Raya and Teachers' Day team thanks everyone who had contributed to the success of the event,  from hanging the decorations, helping out in concurrent events at the booths at play area, to baking muffins and performing at the concert.  You gave the event a special touch. Kudos to everyone! Thank you and happy reading.

Hari Raya and Teachers' Day Team 2012