Health Screening

A team of nurses from Health Promotion Board, School Health Division, was in Eden School from 21 - 27 September to conduct health check for our students aged 7 to 16 years old. Checks include height and weight measurement, eye test and immunization for the Primary 1 and Primary 5 equivalent students.

Prior to the actual dates, the Eden therapist team was out in full force: structuring the venue, liaising with the nurses for flow and details of the check, working out schedules and work systems to suit the needs of every student. Diagram on right is a glimpse of the behind the scenes and hardwork of the therapist team:

Teachers were briefed and students were taught "change", to prepare them for the health check. Parents and caregivers worked very closely with the school as well, to prepare the students for the exercise. Parents, whose children were going for immunization, took leave off their busy schedules to accompany their children for the health screening in School.

With the ample prep work by parents and school, good support was provided to all students. The Health Screening exercise, which took place over 5 days, was carried out smoothly and ended well.

Thank you to Health Promotion Board and the team of doctors and nurses. Thank you to parents for partnering the school to ensure good health for all Eden students.

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