Parent Communication And Learning Night

Miss Tan Wee Lim, the Principal of Eden School welcomed parents and caregivers to the 4th Parent Communication and Learning Night.  She then introduced Ms Ena Tay, a new teacher who joined in September 2012. She also shared that 232 students' lives are being impacted by Eden School

Continuing the trend of involving teachers and students, the PCLN was helmed by Teacher Julizza and Student Rosyiidah.  Together as emcees, they engaged the audience by stringing together the evening's programme in style. The mood for the evening was kicked off by a sound shaker performance by Eden Percussion CCA group. The student performers did a wonderful piece to the song ‘Better Together' with the CCA teachers and instructor Ms Jenny, from One Heartbeat.  The audience had a good time as they joined the students; clapping with them to create music and cheered the students who were performing on stage for the first time.

The highlight of the night was the sharing by Ms Denise Phua, the School Supervisor, on the new direction for the school in 2013.  With effect from Jan 2013, the students will be placed in the Junior Years (Age 7 to 12) and Senior Years (Age 13 to 18).  The Revised Track Structure is based on the Guiding Principles:

  • Outcome-Based
  • Student-Centred
  • Inclusive

At age 12, students will be assessed for Employability Readiness. There will be 2 other assessments, at age 15 - Assessment for Extended Hours, and at age 17 - Assessment for Employability. Between the age of 7 to 15, students could be laterally transferred, depending on their progress and ability.  Ms Phua appealed to parents to support their children on their learning journey and urged them to work collaboratively with the school to provide greater learning support at home.

To help parents on their children's learning journey and provide the necessary support, Mr Loh Wei Yang from the Employability & Employment Centre (E2C) shared on Critical Skills for Employability. He matched employability skills to the Eden Curriculum Framework. Below are some examples:

  • Work Habits: Follow schedules & routines, Speed and Stamina
  • Self-Management: Daily Living Skills, Leisure Skills, Physical Wellness and  Emotional  Management
  • Communication and Social Skills: Basic Social Rules, Requests and Protests,   Conversational skills and Structured Play skills

After Wei Yang's sharing, Teachers Kenneth, Jared, Julito and Krystel shared the key points on the use of iPads for teaching and learning.  They also provided helpful tips to better engage students in the use of iPads.

The finale for the evening was a surprise singing item by Teachers Krystel, Himig, Victoire, Evelyn, Jared and Anita. It was a tribute to parents and teachers for working closely together on the educational journey in providing a dignified and quality life to all Eden students.