CNY Celebrations

Amid blazes and flashes of red, celebrations to usher in the year of the snake filled the atmosphere of Eden School on February 8th, where students and staff were treated to a variety of performances in the school hall.

In the opening act, Jurongville Secondary School kept up their consistent commitment to Eden school celebrations by putting up 2 delightful dance items and a choral presentation. A lion-dance performance, a characteristic component of any Chinese New Year celebration, was sponsored by Catlin Singapore Pte Ltd. The traditional performance brought dashes of vibrancy and thrill which kept all spectator’s eyes glued to the stage. In place of the lion dance performance, which only came in for the morning celebrations, the afternoon session students were treated to a pantomime skit by the Youths for Autism, who also did a traditional dance with their specially hand-crafted dragon.

Evergreen Chinese New Year songs were sung in spirited renditions by Eden School’s very own Wright Class Singers and during the Sing-a-Long sessions led by Teacher David Park. The enthusiasm and engagement of the students were evident as they clapped and danced in tune to the songs.

The festivities ended with the traditional exchange of oranges between teachers and students with smiles all round.
All in all, it was a fantastic celebration where everyone left in high spirits. We hope the good vibes picked up during the school’s celebration remained throughout the next 3 days of celebration for everyone. All of this could not have been possible without the amazing efforts put in by the Chinese New Year Celebration Committee.

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