Health Screening

The annual health screening, conducted by Health Promotion Board (HPB), was held from 6 to 12 May in Eden School. The one week health exercise ended successfully with most of the students going through the check and certified "fit" by the doctors and nurses.

The success of this exercise was made possible by the close coordination & collaboration between the nurses from HPB and the staff from Eden School. Visuals, work systems and schedules were sent back to parents early to prepare the students. Teachers taught about change in school before the health screening week. Logistics support was prompt and structure was carefully planned and set up to ensure the health screening venue is autism friendly.

The team’s hard work paid off. Students went through vaccinations and health checkpoints smoothly. Students, teachers and parents "enjoyed" the process as they felt very safe in the professional care of the nurses. 

Thank you HPB for the awesome team of nurses led by Sister Lee. We hope to see all of you back in Eden next year!

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