Our Shared Role

It is our belief that all students on the autism spectrum can learn if we teach in a way that they can comprehend, and provide lots of opportunities for them to practice and generalize the skills learnt, especially in authentic learning environments. As such, the school believes in the importance of close home-school collaboration and partnership.

The school has a variety of platforms to promote communication between parents and school; communication handbook, phone and email enquiries, and team meetings with parents when needed.

The school holds Progress Meetings with parents in May and November each year. At this meeting, teachers share students’ progress, agree on next steps and what parents can do at home to support learning. Holiday homework packages are also prepared for parents to follow up during the June and December school vacations.

In addition, the school also holds quarterly Parent Communication and Learning Nights. At this platform, staff share what they teach in class, and parents are also invited to share what they have practised at home. Parents also bring home practical strategies in areas such as Daily Living Skills, Communication, Mathematics and Reading.