Curriculum Framework

Curriculum Framework

Eden Curriculum

A team of dedicated teachers and ARC(S) autism consultants is developing the Eden curriculum. Upon completion, it will be the first of its type in Singapore.

Our curriculum addresses the unique impairments caused by autism.

The primary goal of our Eden curriculum is to provide an educational experience that will empower our students on the autism spectrum to live productive and fulfilling lives with the greatest degree of independence that they are capable of achieving.

Unique Features of the Curriculum

Our Eden curriculum aims to prepare our students on the autism spectrum for their adult lives i.e.

  • To be able to care for their own personal needs
  • To participate in routine social interactions in the community
  • To be able to transition between different activities and locations
  • To undertake meaningful vocational jobs consistent with their skills & abilities
  • To appropriately occupy their leisure time

Consistent with the needs of each student, access to the Eden Curriculum is determined by the Individual Education Process (IEP).

An Individualised Education Plan may target the development of skills in the following areas:

Work Readiness Skills

  • Work Habits
  • Independent Functioning

Self Management

  • Management of Emotions
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Physical Education
  • Leisure Skills in Art and Music

Social Skills & Language Communication Skills

  • Social Play
  • Social Interaction
  • Listening & Comprehension Skills
  • Communicating Successfully with Others

Academics (Functional)

  • English
  • Mathematics

Vocational Skills

  • IT
  • General Vocation & Office Skills
  • Café / Kiosks
  • Baking
  • Environmental Cleaning
  • Housekeeping
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