School Values

School Values


We believe that education is one of the greatest equalizers in life. A good education is a key passport to achieving independence and maturity.

  • No child who is assessed to be suitable for placement in Eden School should be deprived because he/ she cannot afford it.
  • Each pupil will have an Individual Education Plan based on his key learning needs and executed diligently by the school, family and other stakeholders.


We believe that anything that is worth doing is worth doing well.

  • We commit to delivering professional and quality education services according to our high quality and ethical standards.
  • We are willing to challenge each other and not accept the status quo.
  • We strive to benchmark ourselves against best practices in the education, and other sectors.
  • We do not stop learning knowing that continuous improvement is the only way to quality.


We believe that people with special needs eg. autism, should be included as far as possible in the mainstream community.

  • We plan and maximize opportunities to promote the regular interaction of people with and without special needs.
  • We will be the catalyst to educate society on people with autism and vice versa.
  • We actively listen to our people and customers and act upon this information to improve our relationships and services.


In pursuing our mission, we proactively partner our key stakeholders like the pupils’ family caregivers, staff, education and community service agencies to achieve quality outcomes for our pupils and staff.

  • We actively act upon constructive inputs that will further our school mission and improve our services.
  • We plan regular communication opportunities with our pupils’ families, staff and sponsors to seek their inputs and update them on our plans, achievements and challenges.
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