Students on the autism spectrum have unique & individual learning needs.

No two students on the autism spectrum have the same learning needs. This is the nature of autism.

The school provides an education programme that enables our students on the autism spectrum to access the knowledge and opportunities to achieve their Individual Education Plan (IEP) goals.

Organization for Learning

At Eden School, students are organized into Junior and Senior Years.

Junior Years (7-12 years old)

The focus is on the teaching of core foundational skills. Students are assigned to classes based on their assessed learning goals and level of support needed. They receive individualized instruction in a variety of learning contexts to enable them to develop their skills and independence.

Senior Years (13-18 years old)

 Foundational core skills are practiced in authentic vocational and community settings in preparation for transition beyond school.  Training in both hard and soft skills is carried out, and regular assessment of learning results in targeted intervention in areas where skills gaps are observed.

The school collaborates closely with the family to promote the extension of skills learnt in school to home and community settings.

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